Rules of The Rebirth


The rebirth is community driven. We have a chat channel called global which is currently a cross-faction source of information about the game and server. To join the channel, simply type /join global from your chat window. This chat is actively moderated, and we do take actions against players not respecting our rules.

Spamming: Please limit each message to one entry in global, nothing is that important that it needs repeating more than once every couple of minutes.

"Bad taste" comments (profanity/sexual/religion/racial): Be respectful of other players in global channels -- we are a global community, after all. While we do allow some moderate swearing in chat, keep it under control, as too much swearing, abuse, or attention-seeking may lead to being muted.

Personal conversations: If you want to communicate for long periods of time with one player, please do it via whisper or personal chat channel; not everyone is interested in hearing it. Subjecting other players to harassment is not allowed, and again could lead to a mute or other sanctions.

Advertising: Please do not use global to advertise for other servers -- you are free to discuss other realms, but do not directly advertise. Adverts for goods and services that are not relevant to the game or gameplay are not allowed.

We also expect respect for the server staff in all situations.


The Rebirth is donation free, and will never accept donations in any way. It will remain free to play, and there is no way to donate for status or items within the game. Playing on the server will always be free for everyone.

Game Account

Although sharing accounts is not against the rules, you are responsible for your own account, and all actions taken on it. No matter what unwanted action may occur from sharing your account information, you alone are solely responsible.

Botting, Hacking, Exploiting, Scamming

We do not allow botting or any other form of automation. You must be actively playing your character if engaging in combat actions.

Hacks and other programs that alter the functionality of the game beyond the default parameters are also prohibited.

Exploiting of bugs in the game content is not allowed. If you are not sure whether it is an exploit or not ask as not knowing is not an excuse.

Scamming, harrassing, or otherwise griefing other players is not allowed either.


You are allowed to dualbox two (2) characters at the same time in the same area, with or without the use of keyclone software, but we don't allow you to initiate any PvP fights while multiboxing, period. Though you are permitted to defend yourself if neccessary.

Server Info

1x Rates
Client 1.12
Active Development
Active Gamemasters

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