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Our Goal

The Rebirth is a private community built around the enjoyment of WoW's greatest era, The Drums of War, featuring patch 1.12.1/2. This was the last major content release prior to The Burning Crusade. It is referred to as Vanilla WoW.

This community began in August of 2011 and has endured through many challenges, upgrades, and fixes to evolve into what it is today, a tight-knit group of players who enjoy what WoW was. Access to the Rebirth servers has been and always will be free. We will never accept money or other donations and there is no way to donate for status or items within the game.

It is our goal to recreate the experience many of us had during Vanilla WoW and to do so in the most authentic way possible.

You can help!

We really appreciate any and all help you are willing to give us by finding bugs or other problems and telling us about it through tickets in-game. Try to find as much information and evidence as possible when you submit your ticket, it's an immense help and speeds up our work a lot.

Current End game status

Below is a table of the current status of raids on The Rebirth, to give you an overview of what content you will be able to access if you join us.

Title Description Status
Molten Core 40 man raid Released
Onyxia 40 man raid Released
Lord Kazzak World boss Released
Azuregos World boss Released
Blackwing Lair 40 man raid Released
Zul'gurub 20 man raid Released
Nightmare Dragons 4 World bosses Released
The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 20 man raid Released
The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 40 man raid Released
Naxxramas 40 man raid Not yet in development

Server Info

1x Rates
Client 1.12
Active Development
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