Getting started

Introduction and game info

So you want to start playing here? Awesome, we'd love to have you join us. Getting started isn't hard. These step by step instructions will lead you through the whole registration and installation process. If you experience any issues regarding client installation or account creation, register on the forums and ask for help. If you can't get access to the forums due to whatever reason, join our subreddit or facebook group and get some replies from our community.

Now, let's get you started by setting up the Game Client.

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Game Client

These step by step instructions will lead you through the whole registration and installation process. Dig through your old boxes and get your WoW vanilla disks and install the game! If you already have a WoW game client version 1.12.1 or 1.12.2 you need to adjust the realmlist entry to connect to our game server. Follow the following steps:

  • There is a file in your WoW folder named that might need to be edited.
  • Either drag the file onto your desktop and drop it back after editing or open the as an admin. You can do that by clicking Start, All Programs, right-click the Notepad program and Run as Administrator. Click File -> Open in Notepad and navigate to your World of Warcraft folder. Change the viewed files dropdown (above the Open button) from Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files (*.*). This will let you open the realmlist in Notepad.
  • Once you have opened the, delete everything out of the file and replace it with the following: set realmlist

If you're done with those steps you should move on to the account section.


To play on our server you first need to create a website account. After logging into your website account you can manage your game accounts. The game account is what you need to log into the game. The account management let's you:

  1. Create game accounts
  2. Link existing game accounts to your website account
  3. Unlink a game account from your website account
  4. Change the password of a linked game account
  5. Change the password of a website account

Now, let's get you started by creating a website account.

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Tips for beginners

Customized channels

  • /join global - This is our world-wide channel. It's the best place to look for groups, advertise items for sale, and chat with the other folks.
  • /join rebirth_pvp - This is our PvP channel where the queue joins get announced through a system message.

Auction House

  • Due to the current population, all Auction Houses are linked. The price for posting auctions is also reduced, so go get those items and make some gold!

Available in game commands

  • You can join the battleground queues from anywhere with the following commands:
    • .bg wsg/ab/av (to join a battleground queue)
  • Look up if any Game Master is online with:
    • .gm ingame / .gm i
  • Dismount:
    • .dismount
  • Get information about the server
    • .server info / .s info will give you the uptime, the current amount of online players and the maximum amount of online players since the last server restart.
    • .server motd / .s motd will give you the server message of the day.

Quick guide

This is the quick guide to creating an account and playing on The Rebirth, for those already familiar with the process.

  1. Create a website account
  2. Create a game account
  3. Set realmlist
  4. Start your adventure!

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Server Info

1x Rates
Client 1.12
Active Development
Active Gamemasters

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